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22 January 2012 @ 08:37 am
Life in a House episode (H)  
Sorry for the long gap between entries.

It's been somewhat better, but still a lot of rinse and repeat with H's health. Even his doctors are making repeated references to Dr. House. They keep trying new medications, or eliminating old ones, at such a pace that I don't understand how they would ever narrow down what is working, or as seems to be the case more frequently, making things worse. The best (only) real news we've gotten is "It looks like it's not a tumor". I am going to try to start going to medical appointments with him, as we seem to get more answers when I do.

So, the job on my end is to keep the kids occupied and happy most of the time. SOOOOO GLAD Finn is in school four mornings a week. He does so much better with the structure of getting out of the house every day. I really hope that he does as well in full-day kindergarten and primary school, that he gets as much love from those teachers as he does from his 4K teacher, that he doesn't get bored, that the other kids are kind. 

Screen time was getting away from us a bit. I was reluctant to make changes, because it was so much easier to leave things lax for crazy or difficult days. But finally the guilt became too much for me, or maybe it was the CONSTANT negotiating over television and electronic devices, and I made a hard limit of one hour of screen time on school days, two on weekends. I know that actually sounds like a lot, but at least that includes everything: TV, computer, DVDs, handheld anything. To my utter shock, it went totally smoothly, Finn appears totally happy with the new system, and I've had zero pushback or arguing about it.* This has reduced arguing and "NO"s about 85% in our house and why did I wait so long? The really surprising thing (or not?) is that he's almost completely stopped watching television and wants to play Angry Birds and Cut the Rope all the time. At least it's good for his fine motor skills.

We were supposed to have a meeting about Freya on Friday, to find out if she qualifies for speech therapy. I never did write about it, but I was so glad I went through with the eval by the speech therapist. She confirmed that there are some gaps in Freya's speech development, I'm not imagining things, but she said Freya was the youngest baby she's ever evaluated! Anyway, she couldn't tell me right away if Freya would qualify for speech (she would have to have a 25% delay) and that's what we were going to find out on Friday, but the meeting was canceled. I got up at 5AM to clean and everything, but I guess it's not bad to have a cleaner house. Hopefully the meeting will be rescheduled soon. Anyway, at 14 months she is still not saying mama or dada, but since the evaluation she has started saying "Buu" for bus and ball, and "bup" for up, so she is making some progress. 

Way behind in reading, as I have been trying to cut down on screen time for myself as well,. so I hope I haven't missed anything major. 

*ETA: I NEVER should have put this in writing, as Finn is now having fits about not being allowed screen time all day today, and has requested that I set a timer for eleven, nay, twenty hours. 
captain_ozcaptain_oz on January 22nd, 2012 07:38 pm (UTC)
The Hans situation sounds very distressing. I'm sorry, and I hope it's all cleared up and no big deal very soon.

One hour a day of screen time does not sound like that much to me. Totally reasonable.